Sunday, August 30, 2015

In aftermath of Virginia journalist shooting, observers want tort reform to allow honest reference checks and stop "passing the trash"

CNN legal analyst Phillip Holloway has an opinion piece arguing for tort reform, protecting employers as long as they use “good faith” in answering reference requests, link here.  The Journal of Business Inquiry had addressed this problem in an article by Bruce Elder and Sarah Gedes here
Holloway is criticizing a business custom of “passing the trash” in the employer reference mechanism to avoid the possibility of expensive, if frivolous, litigation. All of this discussion is motivated by the horrible event in Virginia with the shooting of two reporters on live TV by a former fired photojournalist.

However, other articles in the past have maintained that some employers will give honest or “unfavorable” references, as in USNews here.

My own experience in job hunting was that most agencies wanted you to have three references ready to give to clients.

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