Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First big problem with Windows 10? Some computers go into reboot loops with automatic update?

The first really big problem that I have heard of with Windows 10 has surfaced.  An automatic update (one of the first pushed) seems to cause some computers to freeze and go into constant reboot loops.  Ordinary users will not be able to fix these on their own. 
The story appears on Global Tech advice, Aug. 13, here. This site does the cheesy "leave this page" to show you more ads;  sorry about that. 
It will be necessary to check this out further before upgrading myself.  No, I can’t afford to be down to be a guinea pig.  This just has to work. 

Forbes has a more detailed story, identifying specific KB's involved, by Amit Chowdhry, here.  But I won't have time to play with specific updates. I'll wait for this to settle down before going to Windows 10 at all. An operating system just has to be stable from the get go. I don't appreciated being goaded to spend four hours going to Windows 10, and then have it be unstable.  I don't like the failed unsolicited upgrade install attempts.  I can't afford disruptions.  I have work to get done every day, like most end users.

It wasn’t clear yet if this was limited to just some manufacturers’ models. 

Update: August 24

I talked to the Geed Squad at a Best Buy Monday afternoon.  GS says that Windows 10 updating works fine when done on a dedicate licensed channel to Microsoft which it has in the store. But the "Reservation mode" for do-it-yourself still has problems with subsequent automatic updates which as of today is still not fixed. GS recommended waiting about thirty more days before doing any conversions at home.  In the meantime, Windows "attempts" an update every day or every time I boot up, and it fails. 

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