Thursday, August 13, 2015

Checking with Best Buy on Windows 10 upgrades, and "expired" software subscriptions

I spoke to Geek Squad today, and found out that in my own case, my service agreement would cover their installing Windows 10 on my 8.1 computers (with the “it’s free” update) , so I’ll probably take them up on it.

I may try doing the Lenovo Ultra-book tablet soon myself.  I was told to allow 5 hours and be around, able to check prompts every half hour. The Lenovo Yoga has all solid-state "disk space", which is only 23 Gig.  Windows says the requirement is 16 gig.  It may be necessary to use a thumb drive on USB for scratch space during the install. Windows documents the requirements here.

I’ve noticed that Windows Automatic Update tries to install Windows 10 every time I log on to a computer, and fails (because I haven’t enabled it, I presume).

I did try a demo of Windows 10 today at a Best Buy store, and I like the “W7” environment better than the “W8” tablet. Also, the trackpad should be touched by only one finger at a time.
I’ve also noticed an “annoying” policy that Best Buy follows with software subscriptions. It doesn’t charge your credit card until the expiration date.  This has caused me to get “false alarm” emails from both Webroot and Microsoft about expired licenses, when in fact the software kept working.


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