Monday, August 17, 2015

Amazon apparently not generous with family perks (compared to other tech companies), but Bezos weighs in today

The media is calling Amazon on the carpet, comparing its culture to other tech companies.
Jeff  Bezos of Amazon has said that he won’t tolerate “callous management practices” according to a New York Times story today by David Streitfeld and Jodi Kantor, link here. The article in turn links to a Sunday “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Ideas in a Bruising Workplace”.

Amazon is reportedly much less generous on perks than Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Netflix, especially with paid maternity (even paternity) leave.  It seems to want to attract a more “Ayn Rand” like culture, according to reports on CNN today. 

But legal observers on CNN defended Amazon on libertarian grounds.  Workers don’t have to go there.  If Amazon can’t keep top talent (especially female) it will probably change its ways.  But Amazon is in a somewhat different business (largely retail) than the other big tech companies, which focus a lot more on content.
My own environment in the 1980s was closer to Amazon in the demands for performance.  Things loosened somewhat in the 90s.

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