Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Should you go from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 immediately? "It's free". And it may uncover hidden hardware problems

Pundits are recommending immediate installation of Windows 10 to replace Windows 8, tomorrow July 29.  “It’s free”.  But it would sound as if Microsoft and companies like Geek Squad could be overwhelmed if everyone does it at once.
Digital Friends has a flash video giving 5 reasons to upgrade, here,  including a return to a more user-friendly start menu for computer users (the tablet stuff got in the way), a speech feature Cortana, and the ability to fragment the desktop into tiles, like in the movies.

Computerworld has a more complete list here,  which include hooks for biometric login and more flexible updating.

One question would be, how long does the download and install and numerous restarts take?  Will hidden hardware problems show up (as happened last year with a Toshiba Satellite going from 8.0 to 8.1, when the mother board burned up, on a computer still under contract support – thought to be a hidden manufacturing problem). 

Will Geek Squad do this on its contract plans?  I have been told that computers under warranty should have this done right away to uncover any hidden hardware problems.  There is a “risk” that any upgrade can expose hardware weaknesses than the previous system tolerated.
Something else I've noticed in W8:  when in Windows Explorer, if you want to remame a file, be very careful that the cursor is over rename and not delete, right above it.  Even if you type in a new name, if the cursor is too high, it deletes the item.  

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