Friday, July 31, 2015

Businessman argues for restraint in criminal background checks; one-strike can ruin a life

Doug Deason has an op-ed on p. A23 of the Thursday July 30 New York Times, “Ruining lives with criminal ‘justice’”, link here

Deason is now a Dallas businessman  (Wiki link) but his narrative indicates that he almost got a felony on his record for throwing a party at a neighbor’s house while they were away when he was 17 (the topic of a few comedy movies to be sure).  It was plead down to a misdemeanor and expunged.
Deason notes that many major companies, including Walmart, Home Depot, and Koch Industries have eliminated most criminal record questions from their applications.

I believe that most companies that I applied to during my “career” did ask.  For Bradford (for New York State MMIS in 1977) we had to pass a fingerprint check, and for USLICO in 1990, we had a drug test, which was soon eliminated.  But the concern over criminal backgrounds increases with cybersecurity and consumer privacy needs. 

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