Wednesday, June 17, 2015

California regulator says Uber must treat drivers as employees

The California Labor Commissioner Julie Su has ruled that an “Uber driver is an employee” and not an independent contractor.  Timothy B. Lee has a recent detailed analysis on Vox here

The ruling could reduce the availability of Uber and similar services in many areas, compared to taxis.  One reason for the ruling was the strict screening applicants go through.  Lee believes that states might have to create an intermediate category of worker between employee and contractor in some sharing economy situations.

A few years ago, I reported about companies that hire customer service reps as employees to work at home with their own computers.  Some IT people do on-call support with their own devices, but this can create security problems in protecting customer PII. 

I can imagine the pressure I could have felt to try driving for Uber had the eldercare situation continued longer.

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