Saturday, May 02, 2015

"May Day": convenience stores desperate for minimum wage graveyard shift workers, and the rest of us depend on them

Well, May Day starts out with a somewhat Maoist view of the job market.  I went to a larger 7-11 yesterday, and saw a desperate-looking “Help Wanted” sign, for someone to work the graveyard shift from 11 PM to 7 AM Friday nights through Monday nights.  It sounds like the most undesirable shifts possible, in one of the most dangerous (from exposure to crime) minimum wage jobs.  Actually, I don’t know that it was minimum wage – the night shift would need supervision, too.
This is the real world that the rest of us depend on.  They used to say, a convenience store or especially fast-food place is where you find out "if you can work."  
Of course, the IT world, with social media companies and everything online, is much more a 24x7 employment world that it was when I was “working”, and when operations was considered “proletarian”.  Systems programmers, though, had to work a lot of weekends to do upgrades (like to new levels of CICS).  And, when working for Univac back in the 1970s on benchmarks in St. Paul, I remember the all-nighters in Eagan. 
No wonder, intentional communities require that everyone work.

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