Thursday, May 07, 2015

Internet Archive has interesting job openings

Recently Jason Scott (Textfiles) tweeted about job openings at the Internet Archive, and it’s an interesting link. Are these jobs in San Francisco of the Bay Area? 
Archive includes the “Wayback Machine” which gives a record of what websites looked like I the past. 
My first website, “”, was set up in 1997 and kept until summer 2005, when everything was moved to “”. I can still see what the content looked like “way back” in the past. 
The name “hppub” has been reused since (for a while by an online casino), and it seemed also that when this happened, the wayback mechanism didn’t work for a while.  But it works now.
Conceivably, forensics could look at archives to see what people posted in the past, and this could be done with job applicants, although I haven’t really heard of it being searched very much in practice (whereas modern social media sites are often checked).  People can have archives removed (as just search engine results can be removed). 
It still amazes me that this group has enough space for the entire akashic record of the Web. First picture above is "" on March 25, 2002 (after a major update), and the second is at the end of 2002 (after another restructuring). 

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