Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New York State goes after retailers for excessive "on call" scheduling demands of low-wage workers; Note the "Fight for 15" tomorrow

Retailers in New York State are under pressure from the state attorney general for their staffing practices and short-term work schedules, requiring low-wage hourly workers to be ready to come to work on short notice.  The Wall Street Journal story from Monday April 13 is here

It would be very difficult for any worker to make personal plans under such conditions.
The problem reminds me of what happens in IT jobs a lot, where people are on-call for production support, often from home.  If someone has a family emergency (more likely with kids), others have ot fill in without pay, in a salaried environment. 

This story comports with the “Fight for 15” strikes and demonstrations by low-wage workers set for tax day, April 15.  It’s possible it could be difficult to use a fast food restaurant tomorrow.

Demonstrations are planned, such as at the MLK memorial in Washington DC (link ).  The “Fight for 15” site is here

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