Monday, March 30, 2015

"Wild Tales" of customer service problems on a Monday morning

Here’s a little wild tale with customer service.
I go to a local barber shop.  The back entrance, near the parking lot, is locked.  I hike around, on a bad hip, to the entrance, and find the owner, with the key on the lam.  The one barber has an unusual line. Fortunately, another barber shows up and they get the cash register working. I get “served” in about twenty minutes.
I go to a “drug” store next door.  I use the cash back (to avoid a trip to the bank) on the debit cardm and the cashier finds out it isn’t set up on that register.  We have to start over on another register.
I go to a 7-11.  Most of the parking spaces have cones while contractors paint and fill potholes. 
Then I go to another pharmacy to pick up a GQ.  This time, only one register is open, and one customer is taking forever.  Finally, after ten minutes, a manager opens another register.
It’s hard to give good customer service on low wages. 
Picture: Imajica dominions.  I'm sure that Facebook is available on all five of Clive Barker's planets.  

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