Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Silicon Valley to "average" millennials: "Drop Dead".

David R. Wheeler’s op-ed “Silicon Valley to Millennials: Drop Dead” has to be ruffling some sails this morning, link here.  Of course, that’s a paraphrase of “Ford to City: Drop Dead” in 1975 (during NYC’s financial crisis).
Yup, the most talented kids can probably get good jobs, even while still in college, developing apps or probably working in cybersercurity, if they go to school in a place like Silicon Valley or Research Triangle Park (NC).  That could help pare down debt and get a head start on adult hood.
I recall a performance evaluation back in the 90s, where the median rating was 3 out of 5, “achieves”.  That sounds like a “C”.  In the work world, that wasn’t so bad, at least then.
But for a lot of people now, they face a world of lower wages, and a “sharing economy” where you take a lot of risk or invest a lot of capital to have a job at all.  I avoided most of that – even buying the $500 suits.  I can remember even my little $50 gray suit that got a snide remark from a disadvantaged person in the NYC Subway one time.  “Those were the days, my friend.  I thought they would never end”.  But they did.  Remember EDS?

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