Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Older workers often take jobs for much less after long layoffs

Here’s another story about older workers making less when they finally find jobs, often of an interim nature, on AOL, by Richard Eisenberg, link
I have to admit that what I experienced at age 58-1/2 starting in 2002 was nothing less than a “free market cultural revolution”.  I took my turn, going from making $73000 a year (reasonable then in Minneapolis) to $6 plus commissions.  That all sounds rather Maoist now, taking turns, “paying your dues”.  It’s as if equality could be achieved by making everyone take his turn at low-wage, more regimented work (see related story on my main blog, March 30).  Actually, mine wasn’t bad, as I called for contributions to the Minnesota Orchestra, and I know music.  Logical, right?  And it was a part-time job.  I still drew unemployment and severance.  I lived pretty well.

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