Thursday, March 19, 2015

More on IAStorlcon

Latest is that right now the HP Envy requires restart to activate the wireless keyboard, but another startup menu push from Intel fixed the "deteriorating mouse" problem.

Usually the machine is stable. But today, while doing a Retweet, I got a strange error "IAStorlcon.exe a new guard page for the stack cannot be created" was well as a Pokki error and Skype error when I wasn't running either one.

 HP Support tweeted to me "There is a service that runs to support Intel Rapid Storage Technology. RST works primarily with SATA, RAID and SSD setups and has minimal gain on single mechanical drives. If you like, you can actually uninstall RST in Programs and Features and wouldn't notice any difference, HPSocial".

I'll try this soon.

Update: March 25 

Microsoft tells me that Pokki is the desktop manager used by some vendors, including HP. Story link here.

Update:  April 9

Another source says IAStorlcon should not be removed, but be repaired by a technician with registry repair, source WHatIs, here

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