Sunday, March 01, 2015

More on the HP Envy Hard Disk Error and Windows 8 "true Restart"

Last night, I got another false “Hard Disk Error” on the HP Envy.  This time, the keyboard seemed attached OK by the wireless Bluetooth, so I tried to follow the script with F2.  The memory test seemed OK but took much longer than expected.  The Hard Drive test has a brief and extended version.  The brief version said I didn’t have a necessary module (I wish I had the presence of mind to photo it).  The extended one said it couldn’t find the boot section.  But I pressed the power button to turn it off, waited about 30 seconds, and then pressed it again.  It booted up normally, taking a little longer (with a blank screen stage) than normal.
I find that if I “Restart” the machine at least once a day (don’t just power it off, and then power it on and take advantage of Windows 8.1 quick boot) these crashes are much less likely.  The “Restart” refreshes everything and also configures any Windows updates.   It usually takes about 30 second longer than a hard start.   

One other little glitch to note:  sometimes the screen will go blank as if going to sleep, and recover in about one second.  That happens only once in any boot cycle.

Back in September, Geek Squad did run its own hard drive check on this computer and found no errors.  I did run Microsoft's check in September and found a few, which Windows 8.1 fixed automatically (already discussed), except for "prnprcla.inf".  It's also important to note that Webroot Secure Anywhere does not find any malware.  

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