Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Microsoft supplies a "pseudo service pack" to Windows ("8.1.2"?)

Microsoft did a large update on its Windows 7 and 8 systems early today, with some people calling it “Windows 8.1.2”.  The KB is 3000850, and Microsoft’s explanation is here.  MSFN has a forum discussing the update here. It includes several other updates and is aimed particularly at servers and certain 3rd party vendor firmware. Microsoft calls it a "November 2014 update rollup". 
The update took about fifteen minutes to install on each of my two machines.  The Windows Reconfigurations took longer than usual, particularly the early portion.  After the first start, the HP Envy was very slow, and Microsoft Word had trouble with its Macros. It seemed to fix itself.  I restarted a second time, which was slow, too, but then the computer worked normally.  A third restart took a normal amount of time.
On a Toshiba labtop, the updates went a little faster.  But it also required a second restart, for the password manager.  The Toshiba, by the way, does not seem to have a recovery disk area, so I don’t know how a recovery point would work.

Update: March 6 

I didn't have a crash for almost three days, but today I got one, when trying to look at the properties o an image in Windows explorer.  The event log shows this:

The server {1B1F472E-3221-4826-97DB-2C2324D389AE} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

Tapping the Power button twice restarted the machine normally, as usual.
It also refers to an earlier crash that did not happen, as far as I can tell.

The computer seems more stable than it did before, but still needs to be truly "restarted" at least once every ten hours of use, or so.

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