Friday, March 06, 2015

A dress rehearsal with a boot-up failure, on a day I don't have to fly

An interesting thing happened with my Toshiba Satellite (the replacement for the larger one that cratered last August after the installation of Windows 8.1).   It wouldn’t get past the Toshiba screen (again) when I tried to start it today.
That was true when I plugged it in to the current. But it seems that the Toshiba does not even work off of current until the battery is at least 8% charged.  Most laptops work immediately when you plug them in.
Maybe I had left it unplugged when I did the update Wednesday.  I thought it was plugged. 
What if I had taken it with me to the airport, I would have missed the flight (story).  A good thing this happened when there is no immediate travel.  It’s another possibility to consider when booking a plane.  Keep your devices plugged in for a couple days before going, and actually check them.  This is a big deal for people who have to travel for work.  Those days could come again for me. 

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