Saturday, February 21, 2015

My HP Envy crashes may be related to "IAStoricon.exe"

I got a bizarre warning of a memory error from “IAStoricon.exe” today.  This is the Intel Rapid Storage Technology, from a reputable company of the same name.
But some references say that some Trojans or malware disguise as this exe, as in this source
However, “Answers that work” say that this program is involved in hard disk monitoring. In my case, it may be responsible for phantom “hard disk errors” that I sometimes get, as explained before, link here

Update:  Feb. 25

The "hybrid shutdown" of Windows 8 may also be a problem and cause false crashes, according to Askvg, link here.  There seem to be problems with how 8 and 8.1 talk to the firmware of various manufacturers, especially HP and Toshiba.  

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