Monday, February 02, 2015

Complications for a LG BluRay player in a Windows 8.1 environment

Latest little misadventure came when I connected an LG BluRay DVD Player to my HP Envy in Windows 8.1.
I had expected the driver to load automatically.  Instead, it connected as Drive E, and brought up PowerDVD.  When I tried to play the DVD, it forced me to update the software again, for $49.95. Is a license on a DVD drive for only one machine? 
Then it turned out that the option I chose played only standard DVD’s.  I had to pay again for the “expanded” BluRay driver.  I will call the vendor and try to get a refund on the first one. 
Furthermore, the next time you play another VuRay DVD it goes back to standard unless you Restart Windows 8.1.   All of that tells me that it is possible that some of this has to do with Windows 8.1s tendency to lose track of some kinds of drivers and pointers, requiring frequent restarts (and sometimes on HP giving false-positive hard drive errors).  So it’s possible that this is a Windows 8 and not an LG problem.  Then who is responsible for the extra charges?  
In the older Toshiba Satellite (which broke under warranty in August) the LG went onto the startup menu (in 8.0) and was always queried at startup. 

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