Monday, December 08, 2014

A conversation about whether techies can sell, at Gaylord, right after the Ice slide

Today, on a visit to the Ice attraction at the Gaylord Hotel resort at National Harbor, MD, I passed a lot of tables of people hosting conventions, already irritated for being mistaken for hotel employees. 
After the Ice experience, I happened to sit next to a young woman attending the CPA conference.  She said she was not a CPA herself, but that she marketing CPA services.
This led to a discussion of all the unwanted invitations to unsuitable hucksterism jobs that came my way after “retiring” from IT at age 58 at the end of 2001. Become a life insurance agent.  (My disinterest in contact people to sell them things befuddled two companies, as they really needed someone with actual knowledge of how the industry works – which I had from IT – and actually willing to sell it, out of personal karma).  Become a financial planner.  (I do as well on my own.)  Become a tax preparer.  (I don’t want to make a life out of helping people use tax loopholes.) 
Once you enter the world of hucksterism, your whole social media presence becomes someone else’s .  There are no double lives anymore, thanks to Mark Ziuckerberg.  (Look at Lev Grossman’s article in Time today, here. ). 

I also gave the spiel that liberty is not served by no regulation at all.  Look at all the people “sold’ on going into more debt than they needed for more house than they needed.  Look at what happened when banks didn’t have their own skin in the game as mortgages got securitized.  I said, must sound like an Obama man, because the worst happened under the watch of George W. Bush. 

Here’s the fun I had  as "research in motion".

As I left, I ran into her again.  She smirked. 

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