Monday, November 10, 2014

I get an email advertising a recruiter position -- there's always a first time!

For the very first time ever, that I can remember, I got an email today for a job as an IT recruiter, in Waltham MA, where the agency is Raytheon.  But this seems to be an HR job with a large defense contractor, not a true job as an independent "head hunter".

Back in the 1980s, the best known recruiting agency was Source EDP.  In Dallas, a few other higher profile recruiters were Wells and Perry-White.  One of the most visible W-2 contractors there was Cutler-Williams, which at one time interviewed me for a job at the Glen Rose nuclear power plant (weekly commuting 160 miles from Dallas), one of the most bizarre interviews I ever had. I had already visited the plant with -- believe it or not -- the Sierra Club, back in 1982.

After my December 2001 "career ender" (why that was so will become a later post) I considered becoming an independent recruiter myself, but never got very far.  It would be totally infeasible now, considering how I have managed my social media. I do see that I got some emails in 2011 from parties that thought I was already a recruiter, including on to pre-screen resumes.

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