Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who pays for lost-income of workers (outside of health care) quarantined by government because of possible incidental exposure? (to Ebola or anything)

Many people are losing income from work as a result of self-quarantine or CDC “controlled movement’ policies because they were on the same flights as Amber Vinson, or sat near her in the Cleveland-Hopkins airport recently.  The New York Times has a story “Life in Quarantine for Ebola Exposure: 21 Days of Fear and Loathing”, link here.

One couple was asked to stay home by their employer after admitting they had sat next to her.  They may be able to work from home.  IT people may be better off than most – but they could be stuck working with their own personal computers and connections, which could result in privacy and security problems at work 
A couple of male strippers and erotic novel authors (Axl Goode and Taylor Goode), who look smooth and buffed in photos, sat near her on the plane and place themselves in voluntary quarantine.  But that may seem more necessary if their work brings them into physical contact, however protected, with others.  The UK Mail story is here.
And the owner of the bridal shop which Vinson had visited has closed for three weeks.
And a Maine elementary school who visited Dallas and stayed ten miles away is told not to come to work, and parents pull kids from a school in Mississippi after the principal visits Zambia. 

The hospital can give its own nurses extra compensation for the disruption of quarantine, as well it should (as part of a probable legal settlement).  The military has already factored hazard into its pay.  But who pays for the lost wages of “ordinary people” for the capriciousness of health department and CDC behavior?  What about businesses that might never recover from a shutdown?   I’m “retired” but I can certainly envision ways of being affected.  And I don’t have the social connections to get “family and friends” (or “fundme” sites on Facebook) to make up for the negligence of others, most of all government.   So much for my perfect-world justice. 

Picture: Japanese chess, or shogi.  

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