Thursday, October 02, 2014

Some more clues as to why my Toshiba Satellite could have failed going to Windows 8.1

I have my replacement Toshiba Satellite Radius, which Best Buy provided under extended service contract after Toshiba could not replace the motherboard on my previous model.
This laptop is slightly smaller and lighter, and does not have a DVD drive on it’s own, and does not have Ethernet.  If you want those, you use an external DVD drive with USB, and you can get an Ethernet port with USB adapter for about $12 online. A few hotels have Ethernet instead of wireless (still) so it’s a good idea to pack the adapter.
I’ve noticed an anomaly in the Windows 8.1 bootup.  The Toshiba innovation welcome screen normally spins a few seconds, the screen goes black, and then a blue “please wait” screen comes up, and then your logon comes up.  It’s pretty fast.  Once in a while the innovation screen stops, but the process still continues normally if left alone.  But on a couple of occasions the innovation screen did not come up at all, but the notification icon for Internet access appeared by itself on a black screen.  

The bootup would not continue until I touched the laptop touchpad, when it would then come up.

This is notable.  When my original satellite failed in August, the Innovation screen had stalled, then gone blank, and usually the Internet notification icon appeared.  But the process did not go further.  But my trackpad had long been acting up, as I was using Logitech wireless.  Maybe if the trackpad had been working I could have booted up and never taken the machine in.  There never was a clear explanation as to the damage, except that maybe the fan had failed and the machine had gotten too hot during the Windows 8 to 8.1 conversion (three hour).
It may be important to take good care of a trackpad, particularly Toshiba, and not work on it with fingers made greasy, as from food.

The HP Envy has failed twice this week since it came back from Best Buy. Once when playing a Netflix film, it threw a false Hard Drive error.  Upon restart, the computer resumed at almost the exact spot on the video and resumed playing it.  The other time was just a random freeze, and it resumed normal operation upon restarting with the power button (takes very little time).   This seems to be an issue with Windows 8.1 talking to HP firmware and it isn’t solved yet.  

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