Friday, September 12, 2014

The 2014 customer service season continues to produce losses, interfering with productivity

My customer service boondoggle continues. 
My Toshiba Satellite has been at the Geek Squad repair center in Louisville, KY for about a month, and at least four parts have been ordered.  It seems that it is taking a long time to get a motherboard from Toshiba for a computer that is only 16 months old.  The unit apparently overheated during the conversion from Windows 8.0 to 8.1 in early August.  The 3-hour process completed, and the computer restarted, was slow but gradually improved.  But then I turned it off.  When I turned it back on, it never would get past the Toshiba innovations screen.  It seems that it overheated during the process. 
My Macbook from 2011 works all right still, on 10.6.8.  The problem is, that’s a 2008 operating system and vendors are stopping supporting it.  To renew the Norton Anti-Virus, I have to get a “renewal code” from Norton, which seems like a complicated process.  I had trouble with the Norton website jumping to wrong links, which may have been related to my not seeing the email to confirm my registration.  The Apple store told me that it no longer supports hardware that is old, and sends people to third-party vendors. The current operating system seems to be 10.9. 
The new HP Envy is very fast, but often after a cold boot the machine stops responding randomly.  A press of the power button (off, and then back on after waiting one minute) seems to restart it quickly and the machine picks up where it left off, with all sessions open.  Once in a while, HP says it needs to restart and then Smartdrive throws a hard disc error.  But that goes away with pressing the power button to restart.  I’ve run Microsoft’s scannow and that fixed a few problems, but it couldn’t fix the module “prncacla.inf”. 

HP also signals that it wants me to make a recovery disk.  I did order the blank DVD’s.  It never would work with a USB as advertised (the flash drive must not be Windows 8 compatible, which makes no sense).  But what good is a disk that wipes out the drive back to the factory state, including all of Microsoft’s updates and maybe service pack.  Why can’t HP provide the disc?.  Dell used to do this.

Bluehost keeps pestering me to load Wordpress 4.0.   After some outages with 3.9.1 a couple weeks ago, do I know that it is stable?
I have a lot of work to do to become “competitive”.  I don’t have time to Beta-test new software releases or not get customer service that is paid for, or deal with contradictory information in discussion forums.  Why don’t vendors write more details on the problems and fixes? 

Does someone really understand Windows 8.1?  Is it buggy for everyone, still?   

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