Sunday, September 28, 2014

More on creating HP recovery media; bizarre Microsoft XSL bug affects some Blogger posts originally written in Word with certain video embeds, and how to get around it

Just to follow up on a couple of items:  I took my HP Envy computer into Geek Squad at Best Buy, and GS was able to create the Recovery Media on a USB disk.  But it seemed to bypass HP’s own script, which still warns me that I haven’t created the media, but that won’t ungray a critical panel when I try to do it.  I tried everything (CD’s, USB) and did turn off Internet access as directed.

In another matter, I sometimes find in Blogger that I misspell an item in the post title.  Usually, I can revert to draft, correct the spelling, and republish, and Google searches will find it.  Today, I had a more complicated situation.  I had deleted the posting entirely and reposted it, still had a problem, reverted it, and then republished.  The Blogger software inserted a “_28” at the end of the URL for the post name, because it doesn’t seem to know the other one no longer exists.   But a search finds the URL, which when you go to it, says the post is not there.

If you find this happening with any blog on Blogger, by anyone, try inserting “_28” before the “.html” and you may find the post you were looking for, if the blogger encountered this problem.  I can’t be the only one.

My original problem occurred when I posted a Word 2013 document into the “new post”.  I know, some bloggers advise against using Word.  Usually it is OK, except that Blogger always inserts an extra blank line before the last paragraph, which then has to be removed manually.  Sometimes it changes the font on the last paragraph, but you can avoid this by coding a dummy one-word paragraph after it and then deleting that word. 

But today, I inserted an Embed from NBC’s SNL show (this happened on the TV blog).  This works OK with YouTube, but NBC adds an extra script to white out the background.  Unfortunately, if you put this into a Word 2013 document, the XSL or Macro code in Word misinterprets it and corrupts the background for the rest of the document.  It's interesting that Blogger didn't throw a "dismiss" error for this problem.  

Wordpress advises completely against copying from Word and essentially stopped supporting it with Wordpress 3.9.1.   I prefer to work offline first.  I think that Microsoft should provide a “Blogger mode” that disables many of its Macros and XSL coding (those ridiculous “span” subcommands that get corrupted easily) and that works with both Blogger and Wordpress (and Tumblr).  Then these problems would go away.  

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