Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Is Linked In different from other social media? Why I can't brag about my own "career" on it

Erin Carson has a nice little video on Tech Republic, “4 Steps to a Better Linked In Profile”, link here.    The ideas are pretty simple:  get a custom name for your profile, make detailed posts, add projects, and most of all, get recommendations from others.
I have sometimes gotten requests to comport with the latter in the past.  And given the track my life in “retirement” has taken in recent years, I find it clumsy to remember how to use.
One of the problems is selling your expertise.  I have the impression, in retrospect, that I was “behind the 8 ball” for much of my career.   I made the switch from defense and site support to commercial applications after having worked for 4-1/2 years.  Then I had to make a switch from Univac to IBM.  I took a hit with a failed Medicare project when I moved to Dallas, and wound up working on credit applications with less standard software.  When I came back to DC in the 90s, I got back to a more standard environment (like with IDMS) but did projects that, however I could tout them, don’t sound very impressive by today’s standards.   I moved to Minneapolis in 1997, but tried to make the change out of mainframe to “client server” in 2000 and that turned out to be much more ephemeral than I had thought.  Then the big career cardiac arrest came after 9/11, in December 2001.  That was indeed not the year for a Space Odyssey. Remember, the last movement of Shostakovich's 13th Symphony is called "A Career".  

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