Monday, September 15, 2014

HP's ragged customer service: 3 phone numbers, apparently no recovery disks are pre-cut now

I looked around for over an hour today about the factory restore disc for my HP Envy All-in-One 23-o014 and got this page when putting in the product code, here.  That took me to this page about a recovery disk   There doesn’t seem to be any intervening page to purchase a factory recovery disk.  I tried three phone numbers and got put on hold (one of them just wanted to offer a Disney Orlando vacation).  The vacation offer number had been given to me by an HP agent in a chat room.  

The second page makes me wonder:  Is it a factory disk that is needed, or a disk with a backup from a later restore point with most recent windows backups, on the “D” drive anyway.  
If someone has to get the system restarted, do they use the restore disk to find a specific “dll” module?  That’s what a Geek Squad tech did in December 2008 when he visited the house (and this person, raised in Minnesota himself before coming to DC, knew his stuff).  Is that what happens now?  Would a later system restore be more appropriate?

Dell always included a system restore CD, and I think another CD with a library of modules.  I don't understand why it is such an issue for HP to burn the appropriate CD's for each specific computer in stock.  That sounds like better customer service and creates less confusion. 

I think the complexity and murky customer service is a workplace problem at HP: hiring short term contractors, not having people committed to putting out consistent documentation.  I saw enough of these kinds of workplace issues in my own career (especially with "CABCO" in Dallas in the eaarly 80s) and I can see how they arise.  
There are some restore disks for sale on Ebay for HP Windows 8 64 bit (inexpensive).  If all you need is a source of replacement dll’s, is this good enough? 

I have tried the USB create and I still get a “grayed out” link and can’t proceed.  It doesn’t make sense that the USB can’t be too big or be Windows 8 compatible. 
Customer service is not what it was ten years ago anywhere.

I will have to visit Best Buy about this issue in the near future.   

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