Thursday, September 04, 2014

HP seems sloppy in notifications on firmware update progress; illogical requirements for recovery disk; "Prncacla.inf" errors continue

The saga of my new HP ENVY continues. 

HP Support Center keeps prompting me to create a factory recovery disk.  Why doesn’t HP supply one with the computer? 
It says that it can be created on a USB flash drive, but the capacity must be exactly 32G, and it must NOT be Windows 8 compatible (source). 

Where would you buy such a device?

And you can order a suitable blank DVD from them to burn the recovery disk, for $17 including shipping.

A recovery disk doesn’t help too much, unless it can go back to the most recent recovery point for Windows and, of course, get your data back quickly from a Seagate or Cloud backup.

I did switch to a Broadcom Bluetooth for the wireless keyboard and mouse.  I did the firmware update, and curiously the status page never tells you it has completed the installation, but apparently it did. This Bluetooth has its own little status light.  
Once in a while, the machine stops responding.  It always restarts by pushing the power button, taking only a little more time than a normal Windows 8.1 start.  It keeps all browser sessions open, where they were.  For the first time today, it failed a second time after one restart, but only after Adobe had updated Shockwave.  Various sessions said that Shockwave had failed, and the computer gradually stopped responding, until the power button was pushed again. 

Once in a great while, HP says it wants to restart the computer because of a problem, and then gets a false hard drive error.  It always restarts quickly then by pressing the power button, and remembers where it was, to the point of resuming a video in the right place. 

The only common denominator I find in these crashes is the module prncacla.inf.  Does somebody understand this problem in Windows 8.1? 

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