Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dice says severe mainframe programmer shortage is building, as people retire of take other careers; banks, social security, insurers could have a hard time

Dice offered a major piece on the growing shortage of mainframe talent back in 2012.  Further it says that many executives are not aware how quickly the problem is growing, as mainframe programmers retire.  Some did not return after layoffs that followed Y2K and 9/11 over a decade ago.  The Dice link is here. It's pretty obvious that the complexity of Obamacare will add to demand. In fact, health care is turning into the new "Y2K' of the job market.  

There has been a proliferation of “work from home” mainframe jobs  There are numerous sites with these jobs; one of the best appears to be “Job Is Job”, here

What I’m not sure of is if these jobs are 100% at home, and who bears the cost of the Internet connection and of maintaining the software and hardware on home PC’s (surely Windows or Linux based) an keeping it stable – and particularly secure, when there is sometimes the possibility of seeing consumer personal information.  

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