Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More on the Windows 8.1 fast boot and "hybrid reboot"

The latest news in the saga of my burn-in with the HP Envy All-in-one is that I still get some freezes after a cold boot. 
What I’ve noticed is that when I power it off, and power it right back on, the “reboot” is still pretty quick, and the work session is as it was before the crash.  That’s because in 8.1, as long as there is power to the machine (it doesn’t have a battery but I do have it plugged in to a UPS) the firmware stays active, so the computer is in a kind of hibernation or “rem sleep”.   I don’t seem to get crashes or freezes after the second boot.  Tech Republic explains this here. The symptoms suggest that the cold boot doesn’t start everything the computer needs, and that second boot finishes bringing up everything. Maybe that’s a startup menu or registry issue. 
In a previous post, I just added HP’s own instructions for self-check and repair of the hard drive, which seems to take place at a deeper level than Microsoft’s “scannow”, available to an administrator at the command prompt.  I haven’t tried the HP protocol yet, but right now the problems appear to be more software and firmware, despite the fact that the machine throws a “hard disk error” if it tries to reboot itself after a freeze.

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