Sunday, August 17, 2014

HP Firmware updates care that you use the right Bluetooth driver

Early Sunday morning the HP Support Center, for my HP Envy, immediately advised me it wanted to do firmware updates.  It did several, and took about 15 minutes.  The "install" portion remained "x" while the download portion had green checks. After a restart, which follows the pattern of Windows updates, the Support Center was still advising that it had not done the Broadcom 20702 Bluetooth update.

That seems to be because I have an Insignia bluetooth for the wireless keyboard, because I couldn't find the Bluetooth in the box.

I got one more hang this morning, on, looking for the device!    Maybe that is related.  It seems to happen when going to a complicated web page and then taking the hand off the mouse for a while.  The mouse will move, but the computer doesn't respond. even to tapping the Windows sign on the lower left corner of the screen.

Update: Aug. 19

Geek Squad says that the firmware update is unnecessary if a different Bluetooth works.  

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