Thursday, August 07, 2014

Going from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 -- slow!

I did install Windows 8.1 on my Toshiba Satellite computer this evening. 

The process starts by going to the Windows Store and clicking on the visible icon to install it.

It did not give someone the option of waiting to install later.  The download took about 30 minutes on a typical Comcast XFinity high speed connection.  It then prompted me to Restart.  It did not give me a choice on the matter (to wait up to two days).

The Restart went through many separate phases, each with a scale of 0-100% done.

There was a separate phase for devices, and another one for miscellaneous stuff.

It finally made me log on to my Microsoft account and sent me a 2-step verification code (which can be on a smart phone or on another computer by email). 

It hung in an “almost ready” mode for a long time before finally coming up.

The computer was very slow for a while.  It took about 20 minutes for sound to work.  Shockwave didn’t work for about 10 minutes, so YouTube and most videos did not. 

Windows Explorer was tricky.  Cameras took a long time to be recognized even after the drivers had reloaded.  Finally, if you clicked on a message that popped up, the device would show up in Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer was slow to copy files.

The original Microsoft Word templates seem to be missing. 
We’ll see what happens with the first restart.  

Update: Later.

I tried a cold boot.

Well, it's a NoGo.  The Toshiba banner comes up, and the screen goes blank,  The little circle spins, and curiously the Internet access bars appear at the lower left, and nothing else

I will have to take this to BestBuy and Geek Squad immediately tomorrow morning to resolve.  I seems to have something to do with fast boot.  I hope this is something simple.

Update: Aug. 9

Geek Squad says the mother board died and the computer has to be sent to Toshiba in Kentucky.  Why would an update fry the motheboard?

There had been a couple other problems -- the trackpad had gotten jerky, and the fan was seen to be failing.  It might have overheated during the update process. 

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