Monday, August 18, 2014

"Coders" will be "Gone baby gone" from the job market by age 40; app developers have to work with kids

Young adult candidates for programming jobs face “code on command” at job interviews and may face limited careers, over by 40, according to this article in Bloomberg, by Norman Matloff.   Coding jobs may  pay better than most others for those in their 20s, but after 40 it will be hard to move on without specializing in something hot or learning how to sell, this article suggests.  Employers will want more (cheaper) twenty-somethings. 

My own mainframe career lasted until age 58 (at the end of 2001), although in in retrospect it seems it took me much longer to mature than it should have.   The last two years I was in customer support “fixing bugs” in something I had not developed.  

In another area, the NBC show Today show on Monday morning demonstrated how app developers work with small children to test apps.  Even quasi-parenting is suddenly a desired skill. 

Also, Tech Republic has a story by Erin Carson "The tech resume may not be dead yet, but its pulse is fading", link here.  Now the trend is "social media intelligence" or "social listening", and for some jobs, to see what code people have created in open source.  Somehow this reminds me both of "remote viewing" and of the "forward observer" idea in Army artillery.  There's a new job-matching site called "Loose Monkies" here.

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