Monday, August 11, 2014

A "final solution" for my Windows 8.1 upgrade problem -- cheat


Well, to keep things moving, I had to get a more modern computer again. the HP ENVY-All-in-one, Windows 8.1.  There is a wide screen, a stand, with wireless keyboard and mouse, and standalone DVD player.  There are four USB ports.  It's possible to get it with wired keyboard and mouse.

Now, new Microsoft Office licenses come with Office 365.  The Personal version is "rented" for $69 a year with a license for 1 PC/Mac and one Tablet.  It offers all the usual products (Access must be downloaded separately), link here.

This unit does not have its own battery.  So I bought a CyberPower for $64.99.  It takes 8 hours to store a supply of energy.  But I found that the Brothers Laser Printer would not run on it;  it would shut the power supply off immediately (it will run through the surge protection side only). That caused the HP to get shut off. Bootup was a little slower than usual, and it doesn't tell you that Windows did not shut down normally.  The power button must be pressed on the right side of the lever.

The Toshiba Satellite has been sent out to Toshiba in Kentucky.  Geek Squad says that the mother board failed completely (as had the fan and touchpad).  Why this would happen on the first cold boot after a successful restart in 8.1 remains a mystery.

Update: Sept. 6

The GeekSquad report sheet indicates that up to four parts have been ordered.  It seems that the unit overheated during the Windows 8.1 update.  After being allowed to cool a few minutes after shutdown, it cracked.  I think the fan, touchpad, thermostat were replaced first, and now the complete mother board.  This sounds like a Toshiba large laptop engineering design problem, not able to take the stress of a prolonged service update from Microsoft.  I suppose the same thing could happen with a major service pack.

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