Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Job searches should consider smaller cities, with health care and non-profits

Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show Sunday offered some practical advice to job seekers:  consider moving to a smaller “boom town”.  The city of interest was Sioux Falls, SD (which I drove through a few times when I lived in Minneapolis).  Companies set up kiosks in the Mall of America near Minneapolis to find workers.  One reason for the book there:  deregulation of banking by state laws, so that almost all banks have jobs there.  But, of course, you have to be “socially” ready for smaller town life.  (I would wonder the same thing about Wilmington, DE, but I’ve only heard negative things about that place from recruiters in the past.) 
The Today show is mentioning some hot areas this morning:  health care, particularly as a compliance officer or employee with larger employers and insurance companies (and hospitals themselves).  Specifically, employers like older, mature, detail-oriented workers in these positions. Another area recommended this morning is non-profits (and there are many of these along K Street in Washington).  Do you want to work for a cause?  Do you feel the cause is yours, or somebody else’s? 

Wikipedia attribution link for downtown Sioux Falls picture  

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