Thursday, July 24, 2014

Following up on customer service problems with Bank of America ATM's during "unexpected" construction; also, Starbucks

Well, a full week later, the two outdoor terminals at the Bank of America in Ballston (Arlington VA) are still closed, and there is only one terminal indoors, which has huge lines.  I asked the “doorperson” and she said, the landlord only gave them five weeks’ notice of its intention to do exterior remodeling construction (that seems unnecessary) and that “it’s their fault”.  She said it was to be finished in one week (or, a week and a half).  I asked her why they didn’t put in at least a second ATM indoors, where there is still plenty of room (and it’s more secure), and she said, “Oh, a second one will come in December.”  It takes five months to get an ATM?  To the bank’s credit, it opened another teller line for the queue at the one terminal and stayed a little past the 5 PM closing tome. 

Presidential Bank’s terminal, one door down, seems to have stayed open.  And other businesses were not so affected. Starbucks stayed open – and busy -- during the construction.  There is a Starbucks on Stuart Street, and another one two blocks away in the Ballston Mall, and both are always packed on weekdays.  But, again, customer service, the Stuart Street location generally has only one of two registers open to keep the customer line going.  

If the landlord thinks that exterior beauty matters so much, it might wonder why an interior escalator (often used by Metro customers) was out of commission for over a month. Both Bank of America and the property management dropped the ball as far as customers are concerned on this one.

Note: Starbucks is considering a smart phone app to allow pre-order before arriving at store to cut down on lines.  That's a good idea! 

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