Sunday, July 13, 2014

College fires professor for allowing his picture to occur on a beer can; more on employee work-related driving

A recent issue of Business Insurance, which appears in my UPS box regularly, highlighted a couple of issues.
One is that people who have to drive their own cars for work (often in sales) but who are not professional commercial drivers ought to get defensive driving training from their employers anyway. Sometimes people wind up paying higher car insurance premiums for business use.  I had to do so when I worked for Census in 2011, and am still paying higher premiums despite leaving the job in Sept. 2011.
The other story that caught my eye was the firing of a professor, Paul Roof, from a Christian college, “Charleston Southern University” in S.C., for allowing his face (with a funny mustache) to appear on a beer can for Holy City Brewing.  Roof says he did not know his picture would be used this way.  So there can be other legal questions, like “right of publicity”, or even copyright.  Furthermore, the affair was supposed to be for charity.  There’s a writeup of the story at gawker, here. But the affair also echoes the “conflict of interest” problem that I faced in the 1990s and have presented before. You would expect to see a lot of this in social media, even personal accounts, and you do.  

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