Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"Memory accelerator" fix on Toshiba Satellite seems critical for Windows 8 users (to fix File Explorer and thumbnail performance problems)

I am getting ready to install Windows 8.1 soon on my Toshiba Satellite, and today I installed two remaining Toshiba Service Center updates.  One of these was an “Intel Pro-Set” update for wireless networking which I probably don’t use.  The other was a memory accelerator, which had recently appeared, and it seems to be critical.

In the middle of May, I had gotten a bunch of the usual Microsoft Windows updates, similar KB members on my Windows 8 machine, my older Dell XPS and my Gateway Notebook.  Shortly after installing the update, I noticed that the thumbnails for my pictures would not display much in File Explorer.  Only a few would display and then the filling in would stop.  Likewise I noticed that usually, in the File Explorer, the “open new window” was grayed out, as were many of the options in the View menu, which include managing the thumbnail database.

The recent Toshiba Memory Accelerator appears to fix these problems. Now, even in large directories, the thumbnails repopulate reasonably quickly (although the first time may still take a little longer).  It seems that Microsoft “did something” in a recent update that Toshiba had to make a firmware fix for.

Also, I’ve noticed that Carbonite had not backed up recently added images.  It does appear to be running properly and getting them caught up this morning.

So some of the Toshiba fixes are critical.  It’s important to complete all of them before going to 8.1.  

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