Saturday, June 14, 2014

Companies are engaging employees into volunteering, giving through employer channels

For-profit businesses are more interested in social responsibility than ever before, and are encouraging employees to volunteer or give, in the company name, according to a Metro Weekly story by Jessica Vaughn June 12, 2014, published right after Washington DC’s LGBT Pride, link here.  The story mentioned the site “Do More 24”, link here

For years, it was common for companies to do payroll deductions for United Way, and put some pressure on associates to contribute.
In more recent years, associates have been volunteering time for charity projects with corporate T-shirts or identity displayed.
It’s difficult to volunteer in some situations, however, without being “equal”. 
Sometimes volunteer pressure can put employees into compromising positions.  One time I was personally approached by someone about giving blood in an inappropriate way by someone who did not understand the significance of the gay male blood donor ban.  

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