Friday, May 02, 2014

Odd job protectionisn: LA Fitness cancels membership for woman who helps son work out, because only employees should do it

This story really isn’t about IT, but it does address featherbedding and protectionism in the workplace. Yahoo! reports a story by Charlene Sakoda of “Odd News” about a woman at a Florida LA Fitness club who experienced having her membership cancelled without refund when she went to workout one day.  Why?  The day before, she had been instructing her 13-year-old son on how to do the exercises.  The Club claimed instruction could be done only by employees. The link for the story is here
I chuckle.  In gyms, customers spot for one another and help one another all the time.  I’ve belonged to them for decades.  I belong to LA Fitness now (from Bally’s, formerly Holiday).  In Dallas, I belonged to President’s, which has a palatial club on Turtle Creek.

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