Saturday, April 12, 2014

Job market becomes ever more important even for undergraduate students

A recent Washington Post article by Tara Bahramour about poverty among college students (link) and “food insecurity”, as well as debt and escalating tuition, and recent stories from Vox Media (link)  about how colleges play games with financial aid, all raise another question in my mind, improving student employment.

Back in my undergraduate days, a lot of engineering schools (like had co-op programs where students started full time employment much sooner.  Virginia Tech (VPI then) had a program with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  I think there were some programs in California with Rand.

  It stands to reason that if you study technology and go to school in an area with a lot of technology jobs, that employment during school ought to be a possibility.  Some geographical areas, where the right companies are located, seem better than others.  These might include Boston, the Twin Cities (MSP MN), Austin TX, the Silicon Valley, and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

First picture: Oak Ridge, my trip, 2013; second, UNC, Wikipedia link

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