Friday, April 18, 2014

Federal, state government contract jobs still require extensive mainframe skills

I’m still seeing mainframe openings, mostly for government contracts.
From several recruiters, I’ve seen listings for a C OBOL mainframe for a contract position with the US Department of Agriculture in Kansas City (MO).  But the list of specific requirements is extensive: SQL Server, DB2, IDMS with ADSO and DC;  Eclipse, JBoss.  The last two items are unfamiliar.  ADSO is a “fourth generation” language for online transactions through a TP monitor (usually CICS); I took a class in that in northern VA in 1994 (somehow I remember that was near Purcellville, VA, because I recall the bike path and train station in spring time).  I was not aware that there exists and IDMS DC;  there is an IMS DC which was popular (especially with some airlines) in the early 1980s until CICS pretty much took over the mainframe TP market.  There was also a Datacomm DC from ADR (a company that used to be located at I-635 and US 175 in Dallas) which, along with DB, pretty much vanished in the 1990s.

There was another email for a job for NC Department of Transportation in Raleigh, with COBOL and very heavy CICS, perhaps a forgotten skill, with transaction server.   I see a lot of emails for jobs in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, maybe more than for any other area.


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