Monday, March 17, 2014

Chrome browser gets stuck on everything (not responding) in a Windows 7 environment; why?

Sunday afternoon, I started my Dell Windows 7 XPS Machine, after it had been turned off for about a day while I went to various events.  This time Google Chrome became unresponsive and could not get past New Tab.  Chrome normally shows a page of the most  frequently visited sites or used apps on the first tab.  Other browsers worked. 
I checked and found a lot of people have complained about this recently, after some recent updates in Chrome and recent Microsoft updates. 

Microsoft provides this page on the problem, and suggests Malware or other corrupt programs could cause the problem, link.  

Other sources suggest that Chrome can get stuck if the history buffers are too full and didn’t age out. Two links with some details are on Justanswer (here) and Karhost (here). 

I could not get anything from the Chrome menus to work. As Chrome uninstall instructions suggest,   I had to go into the Windows 7 control panel, look for programs, uninstall and delete all history, change default browser, restart the machine, then go into Firefox and re-download and re-install a fresh copy of Chrome.  Then it all worked.
Webroot is not showing any malware, but I’ll look further. 

On Windows 8, sometimes Chrome seems to get stuck while loading.  It unsticks if I open another browser (Firefox).  I find that in Windows 8, the best practice is to close Chrome completely before shutting down or restarting the machine for any reason, and to wait at least two minutes after restart before using it (for all startup items to get going and for the Action Center to cycle on).  

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