Saturday, February 01, 2014

"MSVCR80.dll" goes AWOL when tryiing to update iTunes in a Windows environment ; relates to "APS Daemon" and "Apple Push"

Well, I keep getting prompted to update iTunes on a Windows 7 machine.  I don’t use it there, since I have a MacBook for my music.  But yesterday I let it update, and it sat in the install for a couple hours.  I had to restart, and when it came back it said that “MSVCR80.dll” was missing (like my screenplay “Baltimore is Missing” or the idea that “Belgium Is Missing” in the short film “The Voorman Problem”). 

I fished around, and found that this is the most reliable reference on restoring it. 
It appears that the load library member is an old C++ program written in 2005.  It seems to be used by certain third party interfaces only.  It apparently passes addresses to third party software, very much like modules in a link-edit deck on the mainframe (particularly in Vantage, which still rules the world).  . 
The odd thing is that now Google serves me ads to replace this module, since I didn’t turn off tracking!

I get notified of the missing module when I rebook, or try to start iTunes.  Fixing it looks like work. 

Note: Later investigation shows that this dll supports the APS Daemon or "Apple Push", which is supposed to syncrhonize iTunes on multiple devices (including iPod).  It may not be needed by many users.  But there are reports of serious disruption of the computer's normal operation in some systems -- not mine, excaept that sometimes Shockwave freezes, maybe unrelated. 

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