Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More developments about Vox Media and Project X, and it looks interesting

Both Ezra Klein and now Timothy B. Lee, well known policy and tech bloggers for the Washington Post, are moving over to Vox Media, which I commented about on Feb. 12. 
I’m trying to figure out what this company will do.  It is said to be a technology company that can report news content.  Well, so is CNN.  But it is probably focused just on the reporting, not on putting boots on the ground in dangerous foreign countries.  Let me add that I admire the way Anderson Cooper has consistently “paid his dues” (wading in hurricane-caused floods in Texas the day before the 2008 financial crisis broke). 
The company appears to have content streams in specific subject matter areas, at least six of them, roughly analogous to the way I have 16 blogs on Blogger.  Some of these areas are consumer-oriented.  It appears that with “Project X” it will become more news oriented, and be able to compete with large media companies for big sponsors for advertising revenue.  No, it won’t get the kind of money the Super Bowl or Olympics can bring.
The other trick will be to link the different subject areas together so that visitors can navigate through the history of some big issue.  That sort of issue is what I face.  It’s easy to link together everything in one blog, but cleanly crossing them could require some nifty database (MySQL) setup and scripting. 
The Atlantic has a story on how Project X will work.  I’ll pass along the link now, but I confess I’ll have to come back to the details myself later.  Maybe “PX” could be useful in doing an “opposing viewpoints” database, which I have worked on in the past (was going to do it in java until the hosting company I had – Java starter – fell apart in 2006). 
I did find an interesting story last night on a new “Inception” board game, related to the movie (without objections from WB) on another component site, “The Verge”. (At ING, about a particular batch job back before 2001, we used to say “The merge-purge has no urge”  But The Verge does.).  Watch the video here, please.  Is this like chess? 
I’ll pick this up again soon, probably on the “main” of my own 16 blogs.   

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