Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are some media outlets now looking for "generalist bloggers"? (Vox Media)

Ezra Klein, who reports on social and economic issues for the Washington Post and its Wonkblog, tweeted a job opening a Vox Media for a Features Editor, link here.   The candidate would work on “Project X” (and that reminds me of  Fox Mulder and “The X Files” – and that’s cool). 
What’s interesting is that the position appears to look for a news “generalists”, rather than a reporter who has great expertise in one integrated area (like technology, the budget, gay rights, sports, foreign affairs, etc). 
Normally such journalists are either already at the top of their field with major networks, or they’re independent bloggers.
This is perhaps “off topic” on the IT job market per se.  But if what they want is a “super blogger”, that’s interesting to me.  I would be inclined to think the kind of place that might look for such a person might be Huffington, for example. 
Most advice on blogging deals with concepts like targeted markets and expertise in specific subject matter.  I'm going to take up that question with respect to my own resume again pretty soon. 
By the way, the name “Vox Media” reminds me of Vox Records, a budget classical music record label back in the 1960’s.  

Note: Washington Post columnist Tim Lee suggests that Vox buy

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