Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Javascript eccentricities complicate making Blogger archives work properly

A bizarre programming issue seems to have shown up in Blogger, with respect to the Archives.
Over the weekend, I took a small Windows 7 Gateway notebook to New York and wrote new blog postings on a few of my blogs about the goings-on.  On these specific blogs, when I got back home and accessed them with the much more powerful laptops at home (both Windows 7 – Dell and Windows 8 –Toshiba) I found that the Archive could no longer be accessed from the Blogger gadget on the left side of the screen.  Normally, when you press the sideways arrow, it brings up a hierarchy, and the arrow turns down.  This no longer worked.

I found a discussion form (which I can’t seem to find again today) where a Google associate recommended moving archives to the bottom of the page, where the full width of the page is available to display blog titles.  I did so and indeed this fixed the problem.  The curious thing is that the problem seemed to occur only on blogs that had been updated with me signed on to Blogger with a smaller display screen.  Blogger seems to behave a bit differently on a narrower screen.  But once it detects it has been updated this way, it seems that the archive will never work again until it is moved to a location where it has access to the full page width.
The associate also suggested creating a new page for the archive, as the best idea because then the load page need not be so long.
There are various forum posts online on how archives are programmed in javascript, for example here .  It seems that this problem is known but not often mentioned.

Curiously, even though the archives work, when I run the cursor across the area, I see a “javascriptvoid” popup, suggesting that there is code that needs another branch to process a null result. 
I think on this blog I won’t have the issue, because it hasn’t been updated on the small notebook.

I have not seen this issue with my Wordpress blogs.  

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