Saturday, January 11, 2014

Employers use video games to screen applicants; in Colorado, "legal" pot use can still get you fired

Employers are starting to use video games to screen job applicants, according to a CNN report early Saturday.  Applicants are asked to log on to a site and play games that measure personality characters.  Some of these games are run by Pygames and Pymetrics (link ).  Somehow the name of the service makes me think of “pupilometrics”. The characteristics measured include attention to detail, persistence, endurance, and risk taking.
Employers also ask tricky “IQ test” questions like, “If you’re running a race and pass the second person in line, what position are you in line?”   I can imagine some riddles, like what happens if you give a mouse a cookie?
It’s interesting that China is only now allowing video games for consumers again, and they have to be manufactured domestically.
Also, CNN reports that even though recreational marijuana use for adults (21+) is legal now in Colorado, people can still be fired for use there.   

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