Thursday, January 02, 2014

Email from Dice discusses AOL job openings; the company has quite a history

I don’t know if AOL and Dice have merged or have some formal business connection now, but I got an email (that I think is legitimate) that AOL is looking for developers, will fluency in a number of products like HTLM5, JQuery. MongoDB, and the like.

In the 1990’s, AOL was one of the pioneering Internet companies.  Around 1994 or so, it shared the stage with Prodigy.  Later it bought Compuserv.  In 1996, Steve Case sent out an April Fools joke claiming to have sent a probe to Jupiter.  It had one 24 period in 1996 when it was down, and that was traumatic.
AOL also pioneered “Hometown AOL” and offered one of the first self-publishing platforms with its own FTP link, in late 1996.  It discontinued offering that around 2007, encouraging conversion to Blogger.

As other companies, including social media, upstaged it, it had to look for new ideas, and it teamed up with the liberal news site, Huffington Post. 

AOL became my email provider in August 1994. 

But I don’t know what project these jobs are for. 

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