Saturday, January 25, 2014

Customer Service: Just say "No-no" to aggressive promotions (and future medical students, beware!)

Yesterday, I had to call my car dealer (the Koons Ford in Falls Church, VA).  The service desk has an 800 number.  Whenever I called it, I kept getting routed to a promotional campaign.  The script asked me if anyone in the household was over 50.  I answered no to get past it but it still put me into the promotion.  (You even had to pay a small membership for the rebate promo!) I finally got a human being to answer, and she said it was her job to sell the promotion.  I rarely raise my voice with anyone, but I did this time.  I just don’t have the time to be interrupted with promotions when I have a service issue.
I tried three times and could not get out of this script.  So I finally had to drive to the dealership to set up the appointment I needed (I needed to speak to someone;  a web appointment wasn’t enough on this). 

With all the robo calls I sense an air of desperation. It seems as though phone bank work is the only kind of job some people can get, or supporting volume sales and spam.  Actually, some products to sell are actually valuable.  Like some of those sold through 800 numbers and advertised on CNN, like the pouch for baking potatoes.  But please, not “No-No” or Microtech.  I wonder if the day will come that surgeons and even make nurses are required to use something “No-No” for hospital infection control.  In this job world, people will be changing their exteriors just to make a living, just as in the soap operas. In the past tattoos were taboo; now they could be mandatory/
To get back to the subject.  I don’t like telemarketing calls (who does), and I wonder how I could have worked doing this myself for almost eighteen months.  Likewise,  it’s risky to allow door-to-door salesmen to come to the door these days.

In previous generations, people accepted the idea of being solicited and buying things from sales people.  My parents bought our 1950 World Book that way. 

Culture is different now.  People are more independent, on their own, and less willing to have their time taken. Sales inquiries become disruptive.  So others have a hard time making a living.
By the way, I just tried to set up Nomorobo with Xfinity, and see that you can only set it up if you put the Xfinity Voice 2go on your cell phone and set it up through that.  I haven’t gotten around to using all the gimmickry on my cell phone yet.  I’m just not into being able to find the nearest CVS when I’m driving, even though I see that it could be useful.  My smartphone is due for upgrade soon, anyway (Feb. 13), and it’s a little slow. Actually, Voice 2go looks like a good idea for home security if you travel a lot, so it will probably go onto my next smartphone. 

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